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Our Instructor


Name: Ed Oakley

Age: 68

Birthday: Oct. 2nd,  1948

Rank: 7th degree black belt   Renshi

Years of Studying Uechi: 46

Sensei's Teacher: Frank Gorman (8th degree black belt) who is under Master Ken Nakamatsu of Okinawa, Japan. (9th degree black belt)

     Sensei Ed Oakley started his journey in Martial Arts in 1970, after his discharge following his service in the United States Air Force.  A very good friend invited him to come and watch a karate class that he was currently taking at a local martial arts school.   The school at the time was Charles Earl's Uechi Karate School in downtown Providence, RI.  While watching the class, Ed knew that this was for him.  Sensei Ed signed up that very day and has been a student of Uechi Ryu ever since.  That decision was made 41 years ago.

     Sensei Ed trained with Mr. Earl for 14 years, earning his 1st and 2nd degree black belt.  Sensei Ed then went on to open his own school in southern RI for the next three years.  At that time he decided to further his Uechi training and approached Sensei Frank Gorman in Florida to become his teacher.  Sensei Ed has been with Master Gorman to this day.

     Sensei Ed is a member of the Board of Directors for the North American Jiteki Jyuku Association.  Master Gorman, an 8th degree Black Belt, is the Head Master instructor for this Association.  The Association is headed by Master Ken Nakamatsu, a ninth degree Black Belt,  of Okinawa, Japan.

     Master Oakley travels to Olsmar Florida to train and do business with Master Gorman twice a year, in April and October of each year, as a member of the Black Belt Testing Board.  Master Oakley tested in 2009 for his 6th degree Black Belt, achieving the rank of Renshi, and is currently ranked Nana-Dan, 7th degree..

People who have influenced Master Ed Oakley's Martial Arts Training:

1.      Master Ken Nakamatsu- Uechi Ryu

2.      Master Frank Gorman- Uechi Ryu

3.      Master Peggy Hess Uechi Ryu

4.      Master Robert Kaiser- Uechi Ryu

5.      Sifu Larry Tan - Five Animal Kung Fu

6.      Master Jim Maloney- Pressure Points

7.      Master Evan Pantazi-Pressure Points

8.      Master Ken Melbourn- Pressure Points

9.      Master Scott Rogers- Pressure Points

10.   Master Charles Earl- Uechi Ryu

11.   Master George Mattson- Uechi Ryu

12.   Master Bo McKale- Hapkido

13.   Sifu Raffi Derderian- Knife and Stick

14.   Master Rupert Ward- Uechi Ryu

Time Line Of Promotion:

      Started Uechi Ryu in 1970

·        Shodan: June 1. 1982

·        Nidan: Dec 1, 1984

·        Sandan: Nov. 1, 1992

·        Yondan: Aug. 13, 199

·        Godan: Aug. 8,199

        Rokudan: Oct. 24, 2009

By special invite:

 Nanadan, April 14, 2012



Masters who have had the most influence in Sensei Ed's Training:

1.      Master Ken Nakamatsu- Uechi Ryu

2.      Master Frank Gorman- Uechi Ryu

3.      Master Robert Kaiser- Uechi Ryu*

4.      Sifu Larry Tan- Five Animal Kung Fu

5.      Master Ken Melbourne- Pressure Points

6.      Master Evan Pantazi- Pressure Points

7.      Master Jim Maloney- Pressure Points

8.      Master Scott Rogers- Pressure Points

*In 1995, Sensei Ed met Sensei Robert Kaiser who, at that time became a very good friend, and Sensei Ed has considered Sensei Kaiser one of his closest mentors to this date.


Master Oakley is actively teaching at his school.  The school is open 2pm-9pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 9am-4pm on Saturday.  Master Oakley teaches Adult Uechi Ryu, After school (5-12yrs old) Uechi program, Little Dragons (3-6yrs. old), as well as Cardio Kickboxing, Kettle Ball classes, Easy Jump classes, and does many Women's Self Defense classes and Pressure Point Workshops.