Ed Oakley's TOK Karate

Karate, Cardio Kickboxing,Self Defense and Self esteem for all ages!!

Who are we?

We are a traditional martial arts school offering classes for young children to adults from 3 to 103.  We concentrate on self-defense, self-esteem, physical development and provide a fun learning environment for all.  We offer Little Dragons which are for children 3 to 6, as well as youth classes for school-age children and teen/adult classes.

Although our techniques are based on century old knowledge, it is our application of that knowledge that set the Ed Oakley’s TOK Karate School apart.  We realize that each of you possess different natural abilities; size and strength will vary from person to person, etc. that is why once you have acquired a strong foundation and ability in the basics, our program is individualized to match your physical capabilities in order to maximize your self defense skills.  Should the need ever arise, you will possess a firm understanding of exactly what it takes to both mentally and physically defend yourself or your loved ones.


 Why traditional martial arts?

 There is a reason that traditional martial arts have been around for over a thousand years, they work.  The style and the only style that we teach is called Uechi Ryu, after the founder Kanbun Uechi from  Okinawa.  He learned his karate in China, which was called Pan Gai Noon.  The style focuses on the complete person: mind, body and spirit.  The level of the class is based on the age and the skill levels of the students.

At Ed Oakley’s TOK Karate School,  we are not only interested in fighting skills but in the development of each person as a whole. As a famous teacher once said “there are tools of everyday life, what you learn in here, you can apply elsewhere...”  Nowhere is this more important than in our children’s classes where we realize that we must embody the very same principles that you are trying to instill in your children.

 What don’t we do?

 We don’t try to change what we teach to have the “popular style”. We believe in what we do., backed by many years experience.

We don’t have hidden fees, extra charges or special clubs that cost extra money.  You know up front.

We don’t practice hard sell tactics.  We want students who want to learn.